Track record

How did I get here?  I am a career and  job search coach for technology executives.  My clients get the promotions they are after and the jobs they want when they take my advice.   What have I done to call myself an expert?

  • Silicon Valley career in technology companies such as HP, Xerox, Apollo, Gould and several early stage companies.
  • Sought after executive recruiter during Seattle’s emergence as a high tech town.  I worked directly with hiring authorities, board members, investors and ‘C’ teams.
  • Invited as facilitator, trainer and mentor on topics such as building morale, creating mission statements and developing job descriptions that work.
  • Executive Board Member of MIT Enterprise Forum for seven years.  Helped establish Seattle’s MIT as the strongest chapter in the family.
  • Author of three business books on job search, networking and using LinkedIn.
  • Career coach with focus on promotions and job search for ten years.  98% of my clients achieved their goals within six months.
  • Education includes degrees or certificates in education, psychology, counseling, technology and social work.


The support provided over the last decades has meant new jobs, better jobs and better performance in jobs for scores of executives.  My efforts have meant companies were able to retain and cultivate seemingly marginal employees.  I am especially proud that my former clients remain engaged in successful careers and share what I have taught with their teams.  As Emerson once said, “Teachers affect eternity, they never know where their influence stops.”  Coaching is my way of affecting eternity.

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