“I have worked with a few career coaches over the years. I find getting this sort of professional guidance invaluable. If you’ve ever worked with a personal trainer on fitness, its a bit like that with a career coach – you could do it yourself, but you’ll get a better result faster with professional help (and without hurting yourself).

Looking for a job is always hard work, but its especially hard when jobs are scarce and you find yourself over qualified because of your past success!

I did a search for a ‘career’ coach’ in the northwest and found Rita Ashley – I found her advice valuable and her approach very professional. I highly recommend her. A good place to start is to read her online books – Job Search Debugged and Networking Debugged; great advice at a bargain basement price.

Over the last 5 years the roles I’ve had have been great and they all came about through networking. A case in point is my current position which was the direct result of ‘the network’ connecting me to a job that was not even advertised but created when it was seen that there was a good alignment – I can directly attribute part of this most recent connection to Rita.” Richard M. CTO.

“I’d like to thank you for all the important professional and life skills you’ve left me with this year.  Your brand of “I actually care” coaching was just what I needed at this stage of my life.  I am now a far more effective communicator, leader and executive due to our time together.  Above all, you’ve left me with the ability to view my own experience and choices through a lens other than my own.  Invaluable.”   Vice President, Tech company.

“Rita has found the long-lost codex of career success. Because of her insight, experience, and bulls eye feedback, I have been able to demolish career obstacles and open up new possibilities. Highest recommendation.” Sr. Director

“I have known Rita for years and she continues to be a resource for career as well as Job Search advice. She gives me straight no-nonsense advice on various career topics. I also look to her for coaching to help me position myself the best for the future.” Ex. VP.

“Rita has always been a trusted advisor for me in my career. She gives honest advice, pulls no punches, and draws from her own experience and that of her clients for advice. I can always bounce ideas off her and get a more interesting question in return!” Vice President

“Rita has a real breadth and depth of knowledge about professional development, and an uncanny ability to get to what’s truly important when you’re facing tricky situations.” Newly Minted Executive.

“Rita has incredible insight into both people and hiring/work situations, and the ability to help her clients make those insights their own. She provides excellent guidance in developing effective plans to address complicated situations where it is often difficult to get a sense of perspective on one’s own.“Rita knows people and companies and their needs, and has the experience to bridge the gaps between them. She has always found the right person for each job and coached them to be their best. She also has helped my companies mold our positions to get the most out of these great people.” CEO, Board Member

“Rita combines her keen intellect, her wealth of experience and her diverse and high level contacts with her appreciation for the beauties of life to provide unique and comprehensive career and life coaching. Rita has given influential advice to me at various times in my life. I would venture that anyone who has the opportunity to work with Rita will be exposed to revealing, to the point, and at times ‘healthily uncomfortable’ realizations that will provide an invaluable third party perspective on one’s career development.”“I have known Rita for over fifteen years and have worked with her in a variety of circumstances. She is strategic, candid and highly effective in providing executive coaching and search services.” President

“My career was on track but I couldn’t make it into the executive office.  With Rita’s support and feedback, I was able to change what needed to change and learn new communication skills.  Today, I teach those same leadership skills to my team.” VP

“With Rita’s help we were able to salvage a valuable employee.  She was quick to assess what needed to be done and forged a trusting relationships with our employee.  He is now a significant contributor to our efforts.” VP HR

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