Promotion, a raise and new opportunities if you master this one skill.

Be Promotable, Get a Higer Salary and Be in Demand

There is one single function you can perform to insure your promotability, increase your compensation and endear yourself to the Board of Directors. Skeptical? Don’t be. Continue reading

Get Promoted – Five steps to your next big step

Don’t leave your career to chance.

1.  ASK: Promoting you is not a top priority for your manager. They like the status quo and if you are doing a good job, they want you to continue to do that job. OK, so during your review they discussed your future. But were there action items on either side? Are things happening at your intended pace? Want to make it happen on your schedule? Continue reading

Why can’t I get promoted?

What does it take to move up the corporate ladder?

First, you have to find it. In most companies, promotions are earned, not given. Many people, especially those young in their career, believe time in service is the rational for promotion. Not true. It is value add. Those who might promote you want to see candidates can take on more responsibility or add value in some other way. Otherwise, there is no reason to promote. Continue reading