You’re Fired – How to handle interviews after the hammer falls

Fired – Now what do I do?

Ah, the stigma of being fired. It cripples self confidence, generates hours of gossip and in no way changes the fact that your credentials remain exactly as they were ten minutes prior to hearing those devastating words. Continue reading

Executives-Network during the holidays.


Sounds counter intuitive and goes against accepted wisdom, but holidays are the best time of year for networking. Folks are relaxed, in a giving mood and eager to interact with new people. There is something in the air. Plus, more decision makers are in town and attending events. It’s good PR for them and a break from their routine. So get out there. Shine your shoes and press your suit. Get your business cards ready and commit to at least three events a week. Continue reading

Overcome the job hopping label: Personal brand to the rescue

Executives: Create your personal brand to self-insure against economic downturn and the job hopping label

Career management for six figure executives is about building and maintaining a personal brand. Take it from Audi and Iron Man. Sales for the very high priced custom-made car jumped 10% after the release of Tony’ Stark’s latest adventure. It’s about product placement. It isn’t about one incident on your resume.

Today, I received a request for information by a reporter doing a piece on job hopping. His premise, all too familiar, is that the current economy = job hopping.

Of course, this contrarian takes exception to that concept because I know many people who were laid off had been in their jobs for more than three years; layoffs and company closings are equal opportunity career killers.

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Is your digital job search getting in the way of landing a job?

Are you spending too much time with your keyboard?

So many websites beckon with the promise of exactly the leads you want. You are enticed by job boards and feel the inescapable demand of job search engines. As a power user you set alerts to your job title and favorite companies and feel compelled to check the results by the hour. You probably have hundreds of entries awaiting via or any number of other information aggregators. And scanning LinkedIn for jobs, people you know and companies is just too powerful to resist.

But resist you must. While online research is imperative for a successful job search, over reliance on digital resources can impact the time it takes to land a job. There is no substitute for personal contact. As an executive/technology professional, sharing ideas and wisdom is part of your search. And bonding with people over shared interests is the key to unlocking that networking door. Doing so in person amplifies the potential to be remembered and thought of when a job opening appears in your contacts’ radar. Continue reading