Startup Staffing – Against the Grain

Here is what I know to be true. The success or failure of a startup is determined in the first months of staffing that start up. Observing and participating in staffing and coaching those staffs for decades, I can report absolutely, what works, what doesn’t work. Continue reading

Are 20 somethings forcing a workplace revolution?

Screen shot 2013-02-03 at 4.45.36 PMIf you want to hire and keep the most talented 20 somethings, know who they are.

You can have the most remarkable product and the most clearly defined target market, but if you don’t have employees truly engaged in your corporate mission, you have a path to mediocrity and probably, failure. I have seen my clients struggle with HR issues when product and customer acquisition should be their top priorities.

A recent client had grand strategies for building a business that just couldn’t miss. Instead of working with alliance partners and product groups, he spent most of his time trying to resolve issues with his 20 something or Millennial Generation, team. He didn’t understand why management techniques that always worked before created more problems. He was baffled when employees had no regard for commonly accepted protocol (One individual contributor felt it was his right to update the Board of his demands, others openly criticized management and rejected the review process). Since then, I discovered the manager was at the front line of a battle he could not win with traditional means, a battle being fought by many hiring authorities and managers. Continue reading