Job security your way

Create your own job security. How executives get control over their careers.

The Wall Street Journal reports, “40% of all executives leave their jobs within 18 months.” And every one who does potentially causes serious long-term career damage. Continue reading

Job security made simple

Building job security is simple but it sure isn’t easy.

“Are you adding real value or merely passing information along? How do you add value? By continually looking for ways to make things better. …Every hour of your day should be spent increasing the output or value of the output of the people for whom you are responsible.” Andy Grove on job security.

Why do  some people appear to be bullet-proof when lay offs and bad economic times force many very talented executives onto the unemployment lines? Your value to the company is based on many attributes, but the bottom line IS the bottom line. As the CEO of your career, how you contribute and how you invest in the contributions of your team are critical factors for career stability. Continue reading

Job security through career planning

Jobs are like busses, if you get on the right one, you arrive at your destination

Abstract: Career planning for job security – Visibility, choosing the right employer, your brand and importance of a Mentor.

Are you in the career you planned when you were in college? Have you had more than one career? Do you know where you want to be in three, five or seven years? Do you know how to decide? Do you know how to make it happen? Continue reading

Are you an impostor? Is that why you didn’t get the job?

Impostors need not apply

“The Imposter Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon in which people are unable to internalize their accomplishments.” Wikipedia

Is your success just luck? Do you feel if people really knew, they’d know you are really a fraud and it is just a matter of time before they are found out?

Are you proving to yourself you are worthless and a victim by avoiding the proper steps towards finding a new job?

Or worse, do you overcompensate for your feelings of inferiority and take every opportunity to tell people you are a thought leader of grand stature and remind them of your accomplishments? Are you sabotaging your job search efforts to prove to yourself you are not who you appear to be? Continue reading

Overcome the job hopping label: Personal brand to the rescue

Executives: Create your personal brand to self-insure against economic downturn and the job hopping label

Career management for six figure executives is about building and maintaining a personal brand. Take it from Audi and Iron Man. Sales for the very high priced custom-made car jumped 10% after the release of Tony’ Stark’s latest adventure. It’s about product placement. It isn’t about one incident on your resume.

Today, I received a request for information by a reporter doing a piece on job hopping. His premise, all too familiar, is that the current economy = job hopping.

Of course, this contrarian takes exception to that concept because I know many people who were laid off had been in their jobs for more than three years; layoffs and company closings are equal opportunity career killers.

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