My background includes both individual contributor and management roles in high technology from Silicon Valley and Seattle. I was thrilled to participate in the technology roller coaster ride and eventually took on a role that capitalized on both my tech experience and education in counseling, psychology and technology: I started a boutique recruiting firm that specialized in high tech placements.

Rigel Executive Search is born: Since I was the only high tech-experienced recruiter in Seattle at that time, I worked directly with founders, investors and hiring managers to build their companies, teams and dreams. I was often on the hiring team of a Fortune 100 company. We evaluated and discussed whom to hire in a confidential and open format. I taught many executives how to write a job description, how to read a resume and how to interview. To say I had the inside scoop on why and how people are hired is an understatement.

Job Search Coaching, a necessity. When the tech sector took a dive, my clients came to me asking if I would teach them how to find a new job. Those execs had never had to look for a job nor had they invested any thought in career planning or personal branding. My coaching practice was born. It took a bit of trial and error but all I use today for job search coaching is field tested. Job search coaching clients who follow my advice typically reach their goal well within the contract period of six months.

Executive Coaching, the natural evolution. Executive coaching clients rely on me for all I learned as a Startup company Board Member, Mentor to struggling execs and Advisor to Seattle companies. The problem solving techniques and metrics-based management advice I offer has not only helped managers become leaders, they pass my advice and process on to their teams. It makes me proud to influence in such a positive way.

Many of my Executive Coaching clients get promotions quickly and often receive accolades from the Board. When I help clients prepare presentations, they receive praise for the succinct and on-point delivery and respect for the listener’s time. Succession planning, morale building and employee retention are often topics clients require as is creation or refinement of the all important Mission Statement.

I guide executives through managing those pesky HR issues. What can be harder than firing someone who isn’t pulling their weight? Or reorganizing a muddling team? No one is born a people manager. It takes a sounding board, new insights and often, new processes to get a team committed to the mission of the group/company. Once that is done, many HR issues go away. And I am glad to provide the roadmap to make that happen.

Current clients include former job search clients who want to hit the ground running in their new role, managers who want to be recognized as leaders, Directors who want to be Vice President and first time CEOs who need that woman behind the curtain. My tough love style works because it is to the point, takes into consideration the style and goals of the client and relies heavily on my ability to listen to both the words and unspoken agenda.

I love my work. I enjoy seeing people succeed. I welcome the problem solving and triumph with my clients as they achieve success beyond their expectatons. Is it your turn?

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