Jobs in IT – The Big Data Dilemma for CIOs

Prepare for the future of IT for job security: Computer World published several articles on Big Data, jobs and CIO issues relating to same. I include them here because I suspect they are important for any CIO wrestling with hiring talented Big Data employees and defining those jobs.

IT Career Mapping – The why’s and wherefores of planning an IT path. Career planning is always critical to maximize dollars and responsibility, but IT jobs planning has its challenges.

Jobs in Big Data – Can we really define those jobs? And what about titles? Is it time to think out of the box?

What to do with Big Data? The real dilemma for CIOs is how to make a business case for all that data and analysis.

The issue of how to define the jobs is not unique to big data jobs. Most hiring authorities struggle with job definition. I recommend starting with the deliverable required and work backwards from there. Most hiring managers decide on a title and qualifications first which is cart before horse. When the tasks and outcomes are outlined first, the rest falls into place. This technique also makes interviewing easier because you can focus on the candidate’s accomplishments that map to your needs.

Closely related to Big Data, is the field of Ontologies and the Semantic Web. As Big Data becomes mainstream, making the business case may require a sophisticated understanding of inter relatedness. Hence, a look to the future demands understanding of AI, Complex Systems and parallelism. Plan for your vocational future as CIO with strategic branding (visible as a Big Data guru) on what are, today, arcane and precious technologies and processes.

The IT areas of Big Data and the Semantic Web are in their infancy.  Any  truly great IT career plan must take into consideration variables we can not yet define. So use your imagination and learn all that is new in these areas. You just might find yourself in high demand in the not too distant future.

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