Did you blog today?

Are you a Ferrari or a Ford? You can't be both.

How’s your personal brand doing? Have you Googled yourself lately to see where you land and why? If you aren’t coming up on page one for your domain, get blogging. Don’t forget to log off any Google products including Gmail before you search on your name.

Then tweet about your blog three or four times a day for a few weeks. That should help. Don’t forget to use # for the appropriate lists to get better exposure. For example, I write frequently on ageism and age discrimination. When I tweet about those posts I use #mature to make sure the links get posted to that group. [#agile, #cloud are popular but look for those less popular where your link will get higher visibility.]

Don’t have a blog? Bet you say you don’t know what to write about or that you don’t write well. You are probably right. Instead, search appropriate blogs and make comments. Your writing skills are less critical and the visibility of your name associated with your domain expertise is still affective.

Set alerts on search engines for your domain expertise. When blogs show up, discover how much traffic they get. www.compete.com is one resource where the higher traffic blogs show up. Chose the highest and comment there. Become a constant contributor to those with the best comments. You are judged by the company you keep.

No negative or inflammatory comments. Anyone can criticize, instead, work hard to add value. Include a link or relevant comment to shake things up. But do something to get your name associated with as many blogs as you can find.  Insert your LinkedIn profile address and your twitter name.

You won’t see immediate results but if you make it a weekly habit you will see results. Also, set Google alerts for [your name, domain]. Designate blogs and general search on the alert form.


Rita Ashley is a career coach and author. In the last two years, 98% of my coaching clients reach their goals within 6 months. Is it your turn?  Looking for a new job? Read: Job Search Debugged

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