Job Search techniques that work for Technology Executives

Job search educator, Rita Ashley, has trained technology executives to land the right job at the right compensation for over two decades.

Job search for executives is different from job search for individual contributors. Yet most advice is for folks who have not made it to executive level titles yet and delays or makes difficult the search for technical executive positions.

97% of job search clients who use my advice and techniques reach their goals within the six-month contract timeframe. Learn how to find opportunities, interview at all levels, including Boards of Directors of prospective employers and negotiate your compensation for your best win.

The job search education you receive will last your career. Contact me to see if job search coaching is right for you.

The Ugly Truth About Your Job Search

Does your job search leave you Anxious? Frustrated? Worried? Uncertain?

You are a successful professional and you are used to being able to affect change, control outcomes. But guess what? In a job search, none of those skills and attributes count. Beyond your preparation and research and practice, you have no control over the results of your search. And the accompanying emotions are an expected and appropriate part of the process. Continue reading

You’re Fired – How to handle interviews after the hammer falls

Fired – Now what do I do?

Ah, the stigma of being fired. It cripples self confidence, generates hours of gossip and in no way changes the fact that your credentials remain exactly as they were ten minutes prior to hearing those devastating words. Continue reading

Startup Staffing – Against the Grain

Here is what I know to be true. The success or failure of a startup is determined in the first months of staffing that start up. Observing and participating in staffing and coaching those staffs for decades, I can report absolutely, what works, what doesn’t work. Continue reading

Promotion, a raise and new opportunities if you master this one skill.

Be Promotable, Get a Higer Salary and Be in Demand

There is one single function you can perform to insure your promotability, increase your compensation and endear yourself to the Board of Directors. Skeptical? Don’t be. Continue reading